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Zen Media Home Theater

Artisan Tech Services in Coastal San Pedro is pleased to announce the Introduction of Zen Media, an all in one Home Theater & Entertainment System!   

Zen Media measures less than 4 inches tall by 14 inches wide and 15 inches deep. 

This is a slimline, small profile package that packs a big array of features! This HTPC Media Server can be installed horizontally or vertically.  It has enough room to hold all your Digital Music, Pictures, Videos and Movies! With the built in Blu-ray Burner/Player/DVD Writer Combo, you can Play Blu-ray Movies, Burn DVDs, or rip Music.

There is no limitation on the size of the screen. It is dependent on how big your HD TV, Monitor, or HD Projector’s display are capable of. If your HD TV is 70 inches, then you will have a 70 inch display. If your HD Projector can create a 12 foot image, Then you will have a 12 foot Display! 


 Zen Media has a built in Media Card reader on the front panel that can read over 10 different types of media cards as well as a USB Port! Zen Media has two built in USB ports,  as well as a microphone and headphone jack on its front panel!

Zen Media is not just “eye candy” on a shelf, it’s a workhorse! Zen Media uses a 6 Core Processor, and a 3TB Hard Drive and the fastest memory that is available. Zen Media has an 8 Channel output HD sound and HD video. It can support Dual monitors in True 1080p HD using the HDMI port and the DVI port, without using an add on video card!

 You can stream movies using the Gigabit network connection. You may want to connect an external hard drive to give you even more storage or to act as a backup for your files, and you do not want to have a permanent connection going to the front panel. you have multiple USB Ports in back and two USB 3.0 !

Zen Media can be a self contained entertainment system, or you have the option to connect it to your amplifier using the HDMI or Optical connection. To top everything off, you will need a dependable and user friendly Operating System.

 Zen Media uses the Windows 7 home Premium 64 bit or the Windows 10 Home 64 bit Operating Systems. The choice of the operating System is yours, so you now have a Media server as well as a great Home Computer!

Each Zen Media is Meticulously Hand Built by our ATS Systems Engineer's here in the Los Angeles, CA area. Then the Zen Media goes through a multitude of testing to make sure that it is built "Rock Solid" before we deliver it to you! The wait time for Zen Media is 2-3 weeks. For inquires, or more information, please use the form to the right.  

Zen Media can use a wireless mouse, keyboard and network adapter for that full wireless freedom effect!

Zen Media includes a wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse with a 1 year warranty on parts. Price:  MSRP $1,200.00 BIG PRICE DROP!  now only $900.00